Three Courses of Tea

The famous writer Sanmao said, “The first taste of tea is as bitter as life, the second taste is as sweet as love, and the third taste is as light as the breeze.”

Yes, life is like a cup of tea. It cannot be bitter for a lifetime, but it must be bitter for a while. This period of time is the first cup of tea in life.


Life is inherently bittersweet. When the bitterness comes to an end and the sweetness comes, and happiness knocks on the door, it is the second cup of tea in life.


And when you have gone through the vicissitudes of life, tasted the bitterness, sourness and sweetness of life, and suddenly look back, you will have the third cup of tea in your life.

Walking through the four seasons of life, through spring, summer, autumn and winter, all the grudges and hatreds are silent. After experiencing the wind, frost and cold, and tasting the ups and downs, the word “light” encompasses the turmoil of life.


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