What is Contemporary Tea Ceremony?

Modern beauty that encompasses elegance in Chinese culture and unique individuality, advocating morality without being preachy, fashionable without being kitsch, refined without being extravagant, has made more and more young people fall in love with the tea ceremony. With the Zen and Zen flavor in tea, we can connect the new generation, eliminate worries and troubles, and make our family and country perfect.

Let go of fame, fortune, honor, and disgrace! Joy, happiness, beauty and goodness, don’t miss it!


Tea is also intoxicating, so why drink alcohol? Zen can save me and it is not up to him!


Both tea and Zen came from China and are spread throughout the world. Today, the “Belt and Road Initiative” is leading Chinese culture to fly to the world, tea is one of its wings, and Zen is the soul of tea!


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