What are the Advantages of Mount Emei Organic Tea?

Mount Emei in March is beautiful in spring. The tea mountains and tea gardens are blooming with the breath of spring, the chirping of birds and the blooming flowers all over the mountains. The most pure and simple heart of tea is hidden here.


Grass grows deep in the mountains, and spring blooms appear in the quiet paths. Listen to the passing years outside the window, and drink tea together in Mount Emei. Let’s try the new tea with spring water and taste it carefully. What is so good about Mount Emei organic tea?


Beautiful appearance

Organic tea in spring has the most abundant nutrients. The tea tree has recuperated after the autumn and winter of the previous year, because the body is in a state of storage in autumn and winter, and its energy storage is rich. The appearance is that the buds and leaves are fat, green in color, and soft in texture.

Strong aroma

Flowers are “alive” because of their fragrance, and tea is “expensive” because of their fragrance. The aroma of tea is determined by the substances contained in the tea itself. Currently, more than 700 aroma substances have been isolated from tea. In early spring, which has just bid farewell to the depth of winter, the temperature is not high, and the aroma substances are well preserved.

Rich in nutrients

Most of the vitamins that are essential for the human body are stored in organic tea. Spring organic tea can effectively protect these vitamins due to its long growing season and low temperature in the growing environment.


Good for health

Spring growth, summer growth, autumn harvest, and winter storage. What is spring birth? It refers to occurrence, growth, and vitality. It is the most vigorous period of life in the human body throughout the year. It coordinates with the upward life of Mount Emei organic tea itself, which helps the human body to let out the old and absorb the new, and absorb the true energy. In addition, the unique color, fragrance, and taste of spring tea give people a pleasant and relaxing feeling.


Fresh taste

Since the temperature in Mount Emei is low in spring, with large temperature differences between morning and evening, day, and night, and the fresh tea buds are picked for the first time in the year, the fresh and refreshing taste of spring organic tea is unmatched by tea in other seasons.


Nice environment

The organic tea garden located at an altitude of 1,000-1,200 meters in Mount Emei is affected by the huge temperature difference between day and night in Mount Emei. Under the influence of sudden hot and cold temperatures, the nutrients in the tea become particularly rich.

The production process of Mount Emei organic tea follows the principles of “healthy, green and safe”. Its planting, production, packaging, transportation, and storage are subject to full quality control to ensure that every link meets the standards. During the entire growth process, no synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, plant growth regulators, herbicides, etc. are allowed to be used. Only organic green manure is applied to increase the organic activity of the tea tree soil.


Organic is the continuation of life, and it is also an eternal heritage. Not all tea can be called “organic”. Behind “organic” are the gifts of nature and various rigorous tests. Drinking organic tea is not only a reverence for nature, but also self-protection for food safety and health.


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