Visiting the Immortal Mountain, Worshiping Samanta Bhadra and Tasting Mountain Emei Tea – A Different Kind of Tea Travel for Health and Wellness

The tea in Mountain Emei is a dialogue that spans time and space, and it is also a journey with green mountains and green waters. Looking around, it is all about healthy life.


Mountain Emei is the monastery of Samanta Bhadra Bodhisattva and ranks among the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. Samanta Bhadra is one of the four major Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism, symbolizing virtue, and conduct. Samanta Bhadra holds wishful thinking and rides on a white elephant, symbolizing all “fulfillment and auspiciousness”.

Samanta Bhadra Bodhisattva, also known as the Life-Prolonging Bodhisattva, has the virtues of longevity and life-prolonging. Mountain Emei is also a resort for leisure and health preservation. The unique natural conditions and the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism make Mountain Emei tourism have the characteristics of both natural health preservation and cultural nourishment. More and more people at home and abroad come to Mountain Emei for sightseeing, leisure, and health care, or to pray for good fortune and purify their souls.

Walking along the mountain road, you will be filled with green that moisturizes your eyes and pleases your heart. From the moment you walk into Mountain Emei, it will always touch your heart.


Walking up the mountain, stepping on the trails moistened by rain and dew, breathing the sweet air in the dense forest, listening to the warm greetings of the sliders and porters, you might even encounter one or two monkeys begging for food. Just like this, we approached the Golden Summit step by step.


Passing by several ancient temples, it would be more comfortable to choose a temple with towering ancient trees to stay for a few days. Hear the crisp sound of the morning bell, listen to the muffled sound of the evening drum; watch the incense lingering in the palace and the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers outside. Eat simple vegetarian rice and taste Mountain Emei Tea grown in snow water. Look down on the chaos of the world in the loud voice of Buddha, and understand success and failure in the sound of wooden fish.


Not far from Wannian Temple is Mountain Emei Tea Village, which is on par with Longjing Village in the east. With lush tea gardens, modern production lines, and an ancient tea ceremony hall, Mountain Emei Tea Village offers both a playful experience that exceeds expectations and a spiritual dimension that conveys a positive value. You can come to experience tea picking, to snap photos, or to experience the beauty of nature and the aroma of Zen tea. You can learn from the spirit and strength of “One Mountain, One Tea”.

There is beautiful natural scenery, strong Buddhist atmosphere, Emei martial arts which is famous as Shaolin Wudang, rare radon hot springs, anion content thousands of times higher than that of the city and natural and pure ecological food. This is the idyllic life in the hometown.


Enjoy the morning light and sunset glow; carry the fragrance of tea and soak in deep oxygen. There is a healthy and green lifestyle: One leaf, one hundred flavors, one mountain and one tea are waiting for you.


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