Today’s Heavy Snow in Mountain Emei Nourishes this Tea Garden

The November day is filled with the lingering wind and snow. Time has sealed the story of autumn and started a new page at the beginning of the new winter.

I don’t know who plays the flute in the sky, blowing down snowflakes all over the world. A heavy snowfall on the top of Mountain Emei today brings the wonders of winter to the stage.


When the temperature quietly slips away from the fingertips, the chill soaks through the clothes. However, the view from the Golden Summit is still straightforward and intense.


In the midwinter moon, the snow is lingering in color. It’s the season of romance, and the most beautiful thing is the bits and pieces you’ve seen in Mountain Emei.

Warm snow falls into your arms, ice particles float on your shoulders, and a heavy snowfall brings the fairyland to you. Cool and soft, pure white and magnanimous, I sincerely fall in love with this winter scene.


Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, is familiar with this snowy scene. He has been searching for immortals and medicine here for decades. He is as happy as a wild crane in the clouds, making Mount Emei tea famous all over the world. Lu You was very concerned about this snow scene. “Xueya come from Emei, and they are as red as spring in Zhuzhou.”


Mount Emei black tea in early winter makes us feel the tranquility of time and the beauty of life. The aroma it emits is relaxation and comfort for busyness and fatigue; its taste is relief and solace for impetuousness and anxiety. With her company, we can temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle, calm down, and settle down the fragments and fatigue in our hearts.

Drink a cup of Mount Emei tea in winter, hanging the pot high brewing and smell the fragrance. The first taste will make you know the flavour, the second taste will moisten your throat, and the third taste will refresh you. As if the clouds are clearing and the sun appears, the trees in the mountains and forests are blooming and the flowers are fragrant. It removes the fire and moistens the throat, refreshing the mind. During winter health care, if you pursue health and nature and taste the true flavor, Mount Emei tea is really a good choice.


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