The Black Tea and Red Leaves of Mountain Emei are Waiting for You!

The scenery of Mountain Emei in late autumn is particularly enchanting, with the pine forests and red leaves dazzling. The red leaves scattered on the stone cliffs sway gracefully in the autumn wind, setting off against the vast sea of clouds, creating a unique and beautiful scenery.

Autumn is the harvest season, and it is also the season of bright oranges, just like LBTEAS black tea. It is produced in the core scenic area of Mountain Emei at an altitude of 800-1500 meters. The fresh and tender tea buds emerge in early spring in the alpine ecological organic tea garden. Inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese black tea craftsmanship, we strictly adhere to the pure Gongfu black tea craftsmanship and refinement. After picking fresh leaves, withering, rolling, fermenting, drying and other production processes, the tea in the cup is finally made with a mellow taste, a clear and fresh tea soup, and a long-lasting sweet and fragrant tea.

LBTEAS black tea, the magic of one leaf, from planting tea seedlings to growing vibrant tea buds; from the picked tea buds to the finished tea with intoxicating aroma and dark color; from the lush tea garden to a cup of black tea awakened by water. Look at the clear color of the soup, feel the tender buds curling up, and smell the delicate fragrance that penetrates your heart and spleen.


The color of LBTEAS black tea is like the fallen leaves floating in the air in late autumn in Mountain Emei. The color is pleasant, and its taste has a unique fermented glycol, which brings a feeling of warmth in the cold late autumn.


Sit by the window under the warm sunshine in autumn, watch the leaves fall golden, have a cup of LBTEAS black tea, and feel the leisure in life in a special afternoon.


With the number of brewing times, the aroma of LBTEAS black tea becomes more and more obvious. No matter how many times you drink it, you will always fall in love with its aroma. Cup after cup of tea soup will take you into the gentle land of tea fragrance.


Sipping the mellow LBTEAS black tea, while enjoying a comfortable life, it also integrates health care into our daily life, making a healthy body a bright color in autumn.


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