Refresh Your Mind in the Aroma of LBTEAS Organic Green Tea

Green tea is a time capsule that seals the charm of spring.

A cup of LBTEAS organic green tea can relieve irritability and moisturize the body and mind. For tea lovers, spring is probably inseparable from a cup of green tea.


Even without leaving home, you can enjoy a cup of green tea and smell the fragrance of the plants and trees in the famous mountains all over the world.


LBTEAS organic green tea accumulates the energy of a season, just for the freshness of spring. The vitality of spring flows through the four seasons because of tea, bringing the power to awaken the body and mind to every moment of life.

LBTEAS Organic Green Teas offer in Premium Organic Single Bud, Pearl Green Tea, Organic Emei Mountain Maofeng Green Tea.


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