Organic Tea Garden Covered with Heavy Snow

At the end of the year, the Mountain Emei Scenic Area is covered in silver and is particularly enchanting, which surprises tourists. “The green mountains are never old, but they are white-headed by snow.” Mountain Emei is covered with a thick layer of white snow, which adds a touch of Zen to the thousand-year-old temple.

The clouds are thick and the snowflakes are falling. I saw only a vast expanse of white in the sky, and the branches on the trees were also covered with snow. Snow is something that can make people have many emotions. The white snow not only coats the earth with silver, but also purifies people’s hearts, throwing away those worries and smiling more.


Mountain Emei has three unique natural climates: rime, rain, and snow, they rotate throughout the year. Especially in the tenth month of the lunar calendar, Mountain Emei is covered with auspicious snow. The tea gardens in the mountains are covered with white snow, and the snow freeze period is extended to the second and third months of the following lunar calendar. The long snow freeze period kills natural diseases and insect pests in the tea garden. The frost in the tea garden is soaked in snow and moistened again and again, and the quality of the tea is excellent.

What attracts us to set out is this sincere intention. People who like snow will not miss it when they go to Mountain Emei and listen to the sound of falling snow quietly. The snow puts Mountain Emei in winter clothes, and people decorate the snow-white mountains with colors.


The infinitely charming Mountain Emei always provides the right beauty at the right time. The elegant and delicate Mountain Emei is like an experienced magician, beckoning to the world of ice and snow at the beginning of winter.


Every time it snows in Mountain Emei, it’s a carnival among friends. In addition to conventional activities such as taking photos, building snowmen, and having snowball fights, you can also learn from the ancients. Let’s have an elegant winter tea ceremony – make tea around the stove. On a snowy day with endless loneliness, all you need is to make a pot of tea.


Waiting for your close friend to come back and drink together, you will be so warm, with a piece of snow and a pot of tea, you can regain the romantic winter. Boil a pot of poetic Mount Emei tea, and feel that time is very slow and the years are silent.


Fairy Mountain in winter is a paradise for playing in the snow, and it can also be the inner poetry and distance of tea lovers. Stepping on the snow with a Zen heart, brewing tea and enjoying beautiful scenery, let us leave 2023 with a poetic and fragrant ending.


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