Mount Emei Organic Spring Tea is Coming Soon!

Spring breeze and spring rain bring spring tea, and the fragrance of tea welcomes the season. In February, warblers fly, grass grows, new tea sprouts, and everything grows.


When is Mount Emei tea most fresh and tender? Of course, it’s spring.

“Tea Sage” Lu Yu said in the “Tea Classic”: “Every time you pick tea, you should pick it between February and March.” The temperature in spring is moderate and the rainfall is abundant. In addition, after about half a year of rest and brewing, the Mount Emei tea trees have stored a large amount of nutrients, allowing the tea trees to sprout the most vigorous vitality of the year.


The spring Mount Emei tea buds and leaves are soft and plump, green in color, and the tea soup is full and rich in color, aroma and taste.

Spring is here, tea is hope, and Mount Emei tea is the link between hearts. Let us look forward to the arrival of spring tea in 2024!


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