LBTEAS Organic Tea Speaks for the Earth

Today is Earth Day, and LBTEAS is speaking out for the earth in the name of green environmental protection.


Sustainable green ecological development is LBTEAS’s ultimate firm belief.

Growing tea not only maintains the health of the earth, but also injects energy into human physical and mental health. It is a sustainable ecological development system. Through planting, picking, and making, it not only provides people with healthy drinks, but also has a positive environmental protection effect, and achieves the harmonious and sustainable development of man and nature.

The Mount Emei organic tea base has lush trees, fresh air, and sweet water. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and industrial pollution. It is an ecological organic tea garden planted in combination with the natural ecological environment. The tea leaves are exceptionally fragrant and have a unique flavor. It is an organic tea that can be drunk with confidence.

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