LBTEAS Organic Green Tea Nourishes Your Organic Life

In the food culture of the public, there is a word that appears frequently and is becoming more and more popular: “organic”. From brown rice to green vegetables, from spices to meats, people are eager to bear this label on various meals in their daily meals, because if they meet this standard, it proves its ecology and health to some extent.

Behind this phenomenon, people are longing for a lifestyle that is closer to nature and pollution-free – “organic life“. In the field of chemistry, the living materials in the world are called organic matter. It is said that all things have spirits. When people incorporate these organic foods grown without artificial intervention into their bodies, they will undoubtedly be more nourishing and rejuvenating.


For tea lovers who often drink tea, it is particularly important to have a cup of pure “organic tea”. This kind of organic tea, which is produced and processed according to organic farming methods, does not add chemical nutrients during growth and only uses natural fertilizers. The mouthfeel is smooth on the throat, with a pleasant aftertaste, more bubbles and less woody leaf flavor. More importantly, as a green drink, organic tea can clear away heat and tiredness, improve eyesight and prolong life.

Now is “the most beautiful April day in the world” and it is also the season when LBTEAS organic green tea is on the market. With the beautiful scenery of Emei, drink a cup of sweet Mount Emei organic tea to nourish your “organic life”.


The secret of Mount Emei’s organic tea lies at an altitude of 800-1500 meters in Mount Emei. The 3,000-acre organic tea garden is filled with mist and coexists with more than 5,000 species of animals and plants. No chemical nutrients are added, allowing the tea garden and nature to complement each other and achieve mutual success.


Another mystery lies in the soil. Every inch of soil in the tea garden of Mount Emei Organic Tea has undergone organic transformation for more than 5 years. The symbiotic environment of forest and tea creates natural organic nutrients, and the huge forest barrier isolates external sources of pollution, which can give organic tea a pure growth environment.

Organic green tea in spring accumulates strong vitality and the true meaning of life. Just like the vibrant and agile temperament of this season, the fragrance and sweetness are refreshing to the bottom of the heart.


The organic green tea in April has first sprouts, bright color, flat, straight, smooth, tender green and oily taste. It usually has a more fragrant and rich taste and is resistant to soaking. Organic green tea is often of the best quality during the year. Brewing a cup of it can make your ordinary life feel relaxed and happy.

The aroma of organic tea gives people a long-lost natural taste. It is extremely refreshing and calming at the same time. The taste of organic tea, when the tea soup flows over the tip of the tongue, it slowly returns to the sweetness, and the time is slowly counted.


Taste this cup of tea, feel life, enjoy ecology, and live close to nature.


The daily mundane things fade away in this scene. What you smell is the fragrance of Mount Emei’s organic tea, what you taste is the vitality of Mount Emei’s organic tea, and what you cultivate is your “organic life”.


LBTEAS Organic Green Teas offer in Premium Organic Single Bud, Pearl Green Tea, Organic Emei Mountain Maofeng Green Tea.


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