LBTEAS Launches Its Unique Organic Green Tea Worldwide and Seeks Partnerships for Business Expansion

March 27, 2024, LBTEAS, a leading manufacturer and exporter of tea that has been operational since 2003 is pleased to launch its all-new Organic Green Tea worldwide. To expand its business operations, LBTEAS is now open to exploring partnerships with like-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals interested in the beverage industry.

Not all teas can be called “organic”. Behind “organic” are the gifts of nature and various rigorous tests. LBTEAS organic green tea is grown in high-quality tea gardens at an altitude of 800-1,500 meters in the core scenic area of Mount Emei, and has been exposed to frost and snow for a long time. This is a paradise for the growth of organic tea gifted by God. It grows naturally in the mountains, with rich biodiversity, harmonious relationship between animals and nature, high natural fertility of the soil, and growth in accordance with natural laws and ecological principles.

The most valuable thing is that the fallen leaves are nourished and irrigated by rain and dew, which naturally breeds the natural and fresh taste of organic raw leaves. It is original and high-quality, conveying health and taste, and continuing the classics. Organic green tea raw materials are selected from the core scenic spots of Mount Emei Double Heritage, and craftsmanship is paid to every aspect of processing, and it is carefully blended and refined. LBTEAS organic green tea is a rare high-end organic green tea that integrates quality, health, greenness, and environmental protection. It pursues “organic” in quality life and highlights “organic” in every detail.


LBTEAS organic green tea is visible organic tea. It has 34 rigorous processes and 108 index tests. It adheres to organic standards throughout the entire process, from tea garden maintenance to picking, initial production to finishing, packaging, storage, and transportation… Every process is strictly controlled, and experts are organized to conduct strict tastings before the green tea is put on the market every year to ensure that tea drinkers can drink the real “one tea from one mountain”.


LBTEAS Organic Green Teas offer in Premium Organic Single Bud, Pearl Green Tea, Organic Emei Mountain Maofeng Green Tea.


LBTEAS is ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, and Organic Certified to provide the finest and healthy teas to global customers. LBTEAS can supply about 10,000 tons of Organic Green Tea every year and can supply it all year round. The exported Organic Green Tea of LBTEAS has many advantages, such as excellent quality, high-cost performance, short delivery time, prompt after-sales service, even OEM service. Here, we sincerely invite you to be our partner and agent.



LBTEAS, as a part of EMEIXUEYA, which commenced operations in 2003, is a leading tea exporter for trading in luxurious organic green teas, expertly blended and original garden teas for shipment in gift and bulk form to blenders and packers worldwide, including Europe, Central Asia, Russia, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, with an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea importers around the world who prefer to work with superior and consistent quality teas.


For more information, price offers, samples, inspection reports, OEM production, etc., please feel free to reach us via: or voice to us: +86-28-8754-3505.


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