LBTEAS Launches Chun Mee Green Tea in the International Market, Looking for Partners

LBTEAS, on October 23, 2023, launches Chun Mee Green Tea in the international market, looking for partners. Chun mee green tea is a type of green tea that has all the benefits of green tea and contains tea polyphenols with anti-aging properties that can prevent many diseases such as heart disease and stroke. In addition, it has a high vitamin content and because it is not fermented, its nutritional value is extremely high.

Chun Mee Green Tea gets its name from the curve of the processed leaf. It was thought, when viewing the beautifully shaped leaf, that it resembled that of a woman’s finely formed eyebrow — as opposed to an older man’s bristly brow. Great skill is required to produce this very high-quality green tea. The fine eyebrow-shaped leaves produce a clear, yellow-greenish brew with a distinctive sweet, plum-like flavor.


Chun Mee Green Tea is a kind of tea with fresh taste. The brewing method of this tea is extremely simple. When brewing this kind of Chun Mee Green Tea, it is best to use a clean transparent glass. When preparing boiling water of about 90 degrees, the boiling water must be heated in advance, boil until it boils and then let it drop to 90 degrees. Moreover, the water quality must be soft, try to use mountain spring water or mineral water.

Chun Mee Green Tea is mainly produced in China, and its production process is unique compared to other teas. After picking young tea leaves from Chinese tea gardens, they are rolled by hand and pan-fired to give the tea its unique shape and flavor. The quality of the tea is checked using state-of-the-art equipment at every stage of production, and we can package the tea as per our customers’ needs. Mainly exported to Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and other countries and regions.


LBTEAS Chun Mee Green Tea ranges from 41022AAAA, 41022AAA, 41022, 4011, 9371, 8147, 9370, 9369, 9368, 9367, 9366, 9380, 3008, and 3009.


LBTEAS is ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, and Organic Certified to provide the finest and healthy teas to global customers. LBTEAS can supply about 20,000 tons of Chun Mee Green Tea every year and can supply it all year round. The exported Chun Mee Green Tea of LBTEAS has many advantages, such as excellent quality, high-cost performance, short delivery time, prompt after-sales service, even OEM service. Here, we sincerely invite you to be our partner and agent.



LBTEAS, as a part of EMEIXUEYA, which commenced operations in 2003, is a leading tea exporter for trading in luxurious organic green teas, expertly blended and original garden teas for shipment in gift and bulk form to blenders and packers worldwide, including Europe, Central Asia, Russia, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, with an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea importers around the world who prefer to work with superior and consistent quality teas.


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