How is Chun Mee Green Tea Market in Uzbekistan?

Market Overview

The market for Chun Mee green tea in Uzbekistan has been growing steadily. In 2021, Uzbekistan imported a significant amount of tea, with China being the largest supplier, indicating a strong presence of Chinese teas including Chun Mee. The popularity of green tea is rising as more consumers seek healthier beverage options​.

Popular Types

In Uzbekistan, the most popular type of Chun Mee green tea includes organic variants, especially those sourced directly from China. Products like the Chun Mee 41022/EU Organic Chunmee Tea are highly favored for their quality and health benefits​​.

Consumption Habits

Uzbekistan has a unique tea culture influenced by its historical ties with the Silk Road. Chun Mee green tea is typically consumed without sugar or milk, often with added herbs and spices. The traditional Uzbek tea ceremony involves using teapots and bowls rather than cups, and emphasizes the ritual of pouring and swirling tea three times before serving​​.

Top Players

Several key players dominate the market for Chun Mee green tea in Uzbekistan, including:

  • Chunli Tea – Known for their high-quality organic Chun Mee green tea tailored for the Uzbek market​​.
  • Davidson’s Tea – Offers a robust variety of loose leaf Chun Mee, emphasizing organic and sustainably sourced products​ ​.
  • Hatton Naturals – Supplies organic Chun Mee green tea from small-scale farms, ensuring quality and authenticity​.

Where to Buy

Chun Mee green tea can be purchased from various outlets in Uzbekistan:

  • Local Teahouses – Teahouses are ubiquitous in Uzbekistan, offering a range of green teas including Chun Mee.
  • Specialty Tea Shops – Shops focusing on high-quality and imported teas often carry Chun Mee green tea.
  • Online Retailers – Websites like and offer Chun Mee green tea with delivery options to Uzbekistan​​.


This market’s growth is driven by increasing health consciousness and the rich tea culture deeply embedded in Uzbek society.


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