Have A Cup of Fresh Organic Green Tea from LBTEAS!

The construction of organic tea garden bases is the basis for organic tea production. Organic tea gardens are tea gardens planted according to natural ecological laws. The application of its production technology emphasizes the stability and sustainability of the tea plantation ecosystem. Organic tea gardens must comply with the quality of the ecological environment, stay away from cities and industrial areas, away from villages and roads, and prevent tea from being polluted by urban and rural garbage, dust, waste water, waste gas and excessive human activities. Rich in biodiversity, fresh air and pure water, unpolluted soil and fertile.

The Mount Emei organic tea planting base fully complies with the construction standards of organic tea gardens. It is located at an altitude of 800 meters to 1,500 meters, surrounded by clouds and mist all year round, and has a very excellent ecological environment. Especially in October, heavy snow will fall on Mount Emei. As winter progresses, the tea gardens will be covered with white snow, and the winter snow period will generally extend to February and March of the following year. At this time, tea leaves will be wrapped in a layer of ice and snow, making them crystal clear. The long winter snow period helps to kill natural pests and diseases in the tea gardens, eliminating the need to rely on artificial fertilizers and providing high quality. The unique ecological environment creates the noble quality of Mount Emei organic green tea.


The spring equinox is the most beautiful time of the year in Mount Emei. Hold a cup of organic green tea in your hand, feel the breath of spring in the cup, and taste the flavor of spring.


The spring equinox has a mild climate, abundant rain, and bright sunshine, making it the best time to pick spring tea. The tea buds become plump under the moisture of rain and sunshine. The tea leaves are dark green and soft, with high content of various nutrients. The tea tastes fresh and has a long aroma. In this spring time, brew a cup of LBTEAS organic green tea and savor the taste of spring!

Taking advantage of the good weather, come to the Mount Emei Organic Tea Base. The tea trees were so green that they seemed to be covered with a layer of smoke. A breeze blew by, and you could smell the fragrance of organic green tea.


In the fragrant tea fragrance, stop and watch the tea-picking girls picking green tea. Their hands are flying up and down like colorful butterflies through flowers, and the tender tea buds fall into the bamboo baskets on their waists like elves. The correct method should be to gently pinch the tea stem with your thumb and index finger, and gently twist and lift it so as not to affect the shape of the tea leaves.


Make a cup of LBTEAS organic green tea and rinse it with boiling water. The tea buds will stand tall and graceful, with a gentle and refreshing flavor and a clear flavor, which is pleasing to the eye. With a cup in hand, you can enjoy the beauty of spring. Take a sip gently, and the fragrance will roll between your lips and teeth. It is fresh and sweet, refreshing and refreshing. Many difficult knots in my heart were quietly untied in this tranquility.


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