Come and Taste the Mount Emei Green Tea in this Spring!

As the weather gets warmer, spring sleepiness is also on the rise and has become a “guest” for office workers. Relieving spring sleepiness is the first problem that office workers must solve if they want to switch roles perfectly.

“Don’t hate the sleepiness of spring even if the days are long. Why not make green tea on a small stove.” Restore your vitality and improve work efficiency in the fresh fragrance of green tea. If you persist every day, you will find that your body becomes lighter and lighter, and your life becomes more and more enjoyable. Mount Emei green tea is fresh, pure, and fragrant, which helps relieve fatigue, refresh the spirit, and better complete the following work.

Some people say that only by drinking a cup of green tea can you have a complete spring. Tea tasting and outing have become the first choice for many people on weekends.


In March, the windy and sunny day and the lush green tea gardens have become a beautiful scenery in Mount Emei. At present, the tea gardens in Mount Emei are like magnificent green poems, with new buds sprouting from the branches. Tea pickers carry bamboo baskets and are busy picking the most delicate green buds on the branches. The fresh green tea leaves magically become flat and straight, and the fragrance of tea overflows. The Mount Emei green tea is born, and they move from the pastoral mountains to thousands of households.

Every spring when flowers bloom, Xueya Village and Wannian Temple complement each other, outlining a beautiful paradise. You can have a panoramic view of the stunning scenery like a large tract, and tourists come here in droves to sightsee and take photos, and the spring scenery is endless. Xueya Village in spring is suitable for check-in, a refreshing spring trip, and a cultural tour about tea culture. The spring scenery is infinitely beautiful, so why not go picking tea? Let’s also experience the joy of being a “tea farmer”!


Let your mind relax for a moment with a cup of green tea. Xueya Village in Mount Emei is surrounded by mountains. There are rows of tea trees, which are like lines, casual and graceful. When you are in it, the spring breeze blows in your face with the fragrance of tea, and your eyes are full of freshness.


The environment here is beautiful, shrouded in clouds and mist, and the mountains, water, and tea complement each other, forming a wonderful picture, giving people a feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle, quiet and leisurely.


The tea garden still preserves the 400-year-old Mount Emei ancient tea tree that has grown vigorously. The tea leaves are of excellent color and fragrance. Sitting in the tea house, the fragrance comes to your nostrils, you lightly smell the fragrance of tea, and take a sip of tea soup. The aroma immediately penetrates your six organs, making you feel refreshed.


Every tea tree is engraved with the story of time, and every leaf contains the imprint of history. Surround yourself with nature, pick tea and make tea, and take a spring outing to a tea garden!


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