Chun Mee Green Tea, One of the Most Consumed Green Teas

As the name suggests, chun mee green tea is an eyebrow-shaped tea leaf, that is, a long strip of tea. In terms of production and application, it is a refined long-fried green tea. It is mostly seen in mass-produced export tea and new tea drink raw materials. It belongs to the bulk tea category. This point of bulk tea can be seen from the fact that chun mee green tea, the highest-grade special grade, only requires buds at the bottom of the leaves and a fresh, rich, and mellow taste.


The recommended national standard for chun mee green tea was originally intended to facilitate processing and export. In recent years, due to customized customer needs, the blending scheme of chun mee green tea has become more flexible, making it difficult to implement a unified national standard. However, because the classification of chun mee green tea is more detailed, most chun mee green tea can match one of the grades of Zhenmei, Yucha, Xiumei or Gongxi in appearance.


What is more interesting is that Gongxi is a granular green tea that is screened from long-roasted green tea, while Yucha is a long-roasted green tea that is screened from pearl tea. In addition, Zhenmei tends to be tight, while Xiumei tends to be thin and light.


According to the national standard, the fried green raw tea is screened, cut and rolled to obtain different screen sizes of tea, and then through air selection, the raw materials for chun mee green tea can be initially obtained. Due to differences in season, variety, and storage, the taste and aroma of tea of the same brand may vary greatly. Therefore, chun mee green tea that looks similar in appearance may be very different in quality. It is precisely because of this that the significance of the national standard for sensory evaluation of chun mee green tea mainly lies in its reference.

Among the aroma and taste of chun mee green tea, there are some that are highly fragrant, fresh, mellow, and thick, and are suitable for clear drinking. Other flavor types, such as strong, light, thick, astringent, etc., mainly satisfy different personal tastes or special drinking methods, such as adding sugar, milk, flavoring, soaking rice, etc.


It is worth mentioning that when chun mee green tea is exported as tea, due to green barriers and customs supervision of planting, processing and storage, its pesticide residue level is low and it is very safe.


Chun mee green tea is one of my country’s traditional exported teas. With the annual increase in output and the continuous improvement of quality, the sales of chun mee green tea are expanding day by day. In the international tea market, it has spread to more than 80 countries and regions on five continents, mainly Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Libya, and other countries.


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