Benefits of Snow on Organic Mount Emei Tea

The snow in Mount Emei has arrived as expected. Velvet snowflakes are falling, and the green waves of Xueya Village are rolling over the silver waves. A cup of Mount Emei tea, a grand ceremony, starts from the tea garden in the snow in winter.


In the twelfth lunar month, when the weather is cold and the weather turns frosty, green buds sprout up in the tea gardens, waiting for spring.


The grass and trees are spreading, and spring mountains can be expected. The heavy snow these days has turned Xueya Village into a world covered in silver. Snowflakes fall on the tea tree and become a brocade quilt. When the weather clears, the snowflakes melt into snow water, providing sufficient nutrients for the Mount Emei tea.

Under the thick winter snow, Mount Emei tea is breathing. It seems calm, but in fact it is a long-lasting experience. As soon as the severe cold subsides, Mount Emei tea is about to break through the snow. The auspicious snow heralds a good harvest, and the coming year will be a good one.


Under an appropriate low-temperature environment, the Mount Emei tea tree will produce more contained substances, such as theanine and pekoe, which help to improve the quality of the tea, such as producing mellow soup and fragrant tea aroma.


Snow and low temperatures are an adversity for tea trees. To resist the harm caused by adversity, the tea tree will produce an anti-stress mechanism. In this anti-stress reaction, the most significantly increased thing in the tea tree is the “adversity protein”. These proteins will be stored in the body of the tea tree and will be circulated or metabolized into the new shoots when new tea buds sprout. These newly made tea leaves will have high amino acid content, which makes the tea leaves better quality.

Because the typical qualities brought by amino acids are freshness, freshness, and sweetness. Snow also contains some natural trace elements – nitrogen. When the snow melts, the nitrogen and water will remain in the soil, accumulating a lot of water and nutrients for the tea trees, which plays a beneficial role in the growth and development of the tea trees.


Welcome to Xueya Village, where you can enjoy the snow scenery, cook tea by the stove, taste Mount Emei tea tea, enjoy wonderful tea art performances, and listen to tea masters explain the tea ceremony. After drinking fragrant tea, you will feel warm all over and refreshed, just like drinking the warm sun in winter.


Welcome to Mount Emei. If Mount Emei, covered in white snow, is a magnificent picture, then the Mount Emei Organic Tea Base is the highlight of this picture.


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