Pure Mount Emei Tea

Sichuan is one of the birthplaces of the world’s tea culture, Mountain Emei is very early region of cultivation of tea in the world, and its tea in the Tang Dynasty has been as a tribute to the royal family, the Tang Dynasty poet, Li Shan in his “Selected Writings Note” wrote ” Mountain Emei herbs is enriched, tea is particularly good, different from the world.”

Both China and the EU are rich in geographical indication resources. In order to strengthen the protection and cooperation of geographical indications and promote the trade of geographical indications products, the two sides-initiated negotiations in 2011. After 8 years, 22 rounds of formal negotiations and hundreds of informal consultations, on 14 September 2020, the two sides formally signed the Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the European Union on the Protection of Geographical Indications and Cooperation, which entered into force on 1 March 2021. And Mountain Emei Teas were listed into this agreement, which illustrates the widespread recognition of Mountain Emei Teas by people all over the world.


Tea comes from the land; we can only harvest the finest tea by following the laws of nature and take care of the earth. And sticking to sustainable development is our only choice!

Fortunately, our tea gardens are distributed in Mountain Emei, where is far from urban and industrial pollutions, which is primary infrastructure for our organic teas. Secondly, no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and other prohibited substances are used in the production; tea processing is not polluted by machines and fuels; no synthetic food preservatives, additives, artificial colors, etc. are allowed to be used in tea products, and no organic solvents are used in the production and extraction of tea products. It is freedom from contamination during storage, transport, and distribution of teas. Each year, our teas have up to 97 substances to be tested by a third party in China and client’s territory and must be passed strictly before obtaining the organic certificate.

The Single Origin Tea

More than 70% green teas are from China in the world, and the finest organic green teas are from Sichuan in China. We insist on sustainability for organic green teas with farmers, communities, manufacturing since 2003. We also firmly believe that our commitment to organic farming, harvesting, production and marketing will ultimately pay off for the land, the farmers, and the customers.

Finest Quality

Finest teas define with organic, healthy, and consistent quality.

The 30th degree north latitude is the most suitable place for tea growing. Mountain Emei starts winter early, and the long snowy freezing period in winter each year suppresses the natural pests and diseases in the tea plantations. The natural climate of the tea plantation is peculiar, with year-round clouds, frost and snow, abundant rainfall, and more than 5,000 kinds of flora and fauna in the forest and tea symbiosis, which makes the tea plantation soil very fertile, and the snow buds in the beginning of the spring are tender and tender, and the color is emerald and the fragrance is quiet.

With the reverence for spring and the expectation of spring tea, the picking standard of single bud first unfolding is strictly adhered to, and it is extremely difficult to pick because it is a high mountain area. Skilled tea workers can pick 1-2 KG of fresh tea buds per day, every 500g teas need about 50,000 fresh buds.

We offer customer with such finest teas by garden Fresh tea leaves picked each Spring; state of the art manufacturing process by strict implementation of organic production standards; up to 97 organic substances for inspection; and strict government re-inspection before exporting.

Traditions & Technology

A unique flavor that can never be replicated.

In order to ensure the high-quality taste of teas, our teas strictly adhere to the traditional tea-making process, and the fresh leaves picked on the same day are put on the stall, killed, cooled, and rejuvenated, and straightened and shaped in a timely manner, to keep the scent of spring and the fresh aroma of spring tea intact in the full-bodied tea buds. From the tea tree buds to become flat, smooth, straight dry tea, tea makers need to sleepless dozens of hours.

Our production plant not only retains the traditional frying process, but also with the world’s advanced tea technology in line with the introduction of first-class closed production line from Japan, from planting to crude, refining, storage, transport, the whole process of the use of extremely strict organic tea management standards to ensure the finest teas for each customer.