LBTEAS, as a part of EMEIXUEYA, which commenced operations in 2003, is a leading tea exporter for trading in luxurious organic green teas, expertly blended and original garden teas for shipment in gift and bulk form to blenders and packers worldwide, including Europe, Central Asia, Russia, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, with an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea importers around the world who prefer to work with superior and consistent quality teas.


LBTEAS, is derived from the name of the founder’s hometown, Long Beach, Sichuan. Forever love, from the hometown; from the hometown of the finest quality tea, but also from the hometown, to the world!


LBTEAS’s dedication and care for the quality of tea packed at the EMEIXUEYA is complemented by production, quality assurance and packaging facilities that are globally competitive, especially the organic green tea; offering teas partners with solutions to respond the reduction in demand for quality bulk tea and intense price competition in the bulk tea market.


The EMEIXUEYA is a subsidiary of Emei Mountain Tourism Group, founded in 1997 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October, 1997 (stock code 000888), the company is the first listed tourism company in Southwest China and the second listed scenic spot company in China.


The key EMEIXUEYA tea gardens (20,000,000 square meters of standard ecological tea plantations in Mount Emei, where includes 133,333 square meters of organic certified plantations with annual 190.00 Tons of organic certified loose-leaf teas) are distributed in the core scenic area of Mount Emei at an altitude of 800-1500 meters in the mountains, where tea plantations are surrounded by mountains, the sea of forests, perennial clouds, and mist, plenty of water and gas. Undisturbed natural ecological environment, the soil on the mountain is rich in organic nutrients, and both forest and tea symbiosis of the unique natural form of the growth of the tea tree provides a sufficient supply of natural nutrients.


EMEIXUEYA is the only organic certified teas plantations and manufacturer in Sichuan province, producing Mount Emei Teas listed in “Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the European Union on the Protection of Geographical Indications and Co-operation”.